Junk & Garbage Recycling

Not only do we break it down and take it away, we pride ourselves in leaving a space you can look at and feel better about.




We Haul all of the following:
  • Estate & Construction Hauling.

  • Furniture - Couches, Chairs, etc...

  • Electronic Waste - TVs, Computers etc...

  • Appliances - Refrigerators, Stoves etc...

  • Renovation Waste - Carpets, Cabinets etc..

  • Dry Wall/Gypsum *See drywall page for details

  • And so very much more.

We strive to keep costs low, and make things easy for you. 


Our trucks can hold about 16 cubic yards. Imagine this as about 12 average-sized living-room couches.

You can send us a picture! info@cityhaul.net or text 604 731 3100.

The Haul - Our Pickup Charge:

Minimum charge:                                        $85.
Quarter-truck full or 4 cu yds:                   $190.
Half-truck or 8 cu yds:                                 $270. 
3/4 Truck or 12 cu yds:                                $350.
Full truckload or 16 cu yds:                         $470.

The Disposal - The Yard Charge: 

We take our loads to be disposed of in recycling yards - not landfill - throughout Metro Vancouver.   


The dump fee is determined by these yards and runs about $165 per ton of stuff.  









Determine the size of your haul
Contact us!                                                 
Confirm Time & Date of Pick up
We show up and take it away.
We can come by first for a Free Estimate, or you can make it quicker by Emailing or Texting us a picture.

Cost to Haul

Unusual Extras

We don't believe in hidden fees. Recycling Yards impose surcharges for specialized, hard-to-recycle materials like tires and mattresses


 Additionally, fuel costs dictate a distance surcharge for operations outside of Metro Vancouver. As such we have additional fees for the following:

  • $20 - 30 per Mattress/Box Springs - set by the Recycling Yards. $10 per tire.
  • Traveling outside of Metro Vancouver - Abbotsford, Whistler, Chilliwack. Typically $50-$100.