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Junk & Garbage Recycling

Not only do we break it down and take it away, we pride ourselves in leaving a clean, swept space.




We Haul all of the following:
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  • Estate & Construction Hauling.

  • Furniture - Couches, Chairs, etc...

  • Electronic Waste - TVs, Computers etc...

  • Appliances - Refrigerators, Stoves etc...

  • Renovation Waste - Carpets, Cabinets etc..

  • Dry Wall/Gypsum *See drywall page for details

  • And so very much more.

A cubic yard is 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet. A cubic meter is 1m x 1m x 1m. Just a bit less than a living-room sofa if you scrunched one up.

We can cram roughly 10-14 of these  cubes into our dump-trucks. For scale, that's about 12 couches or 10 refrigerators of stuff

The Haul:

Minimum charge (i.e. couple bags):          $95.
Quarter-truck full, ~3-4 cubic yards:         $210.
1/2 truck, ~6 cu yds or 6 couches:            $320. 
3/4 Truck, ~9-10 cu yds:                             $430.
Full Truck, 11-14+ cu yds:                       $490-590.

The Disposal: 

We take our loads to be disposed of in recycling yards  throughout Metro Vancouver.  This ensures minimal landfill use.


The dump fee is determined by these yards and costs $99 per tonne and up, depending on how recyclable the load is.  Wood is highly recyclable - plastic bags, less so.




Contact us!                                                 
Confirm Time & Date of Pick up
We show up and take it away.

Cost to Haul

Unusual Extras

We don't believe in hidden fees. Recycling Yards impose surcharges for specialized, hard-to-recycle materials like tires and mattresses


 Additionally, fuel costs dictate a (shared) distance surcharge for operations outside of Metro Vancouver. As such we typically have additional fees for the following:

  • $15 - 30 per Mattress/Box Springs. $10 per propane tank. $10 per tire.
  • Abbotsford, Langley, Mission: $50 to $100.
We can come by first for a Free Estimate, or you can Email or Text us a picture!
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