Drywall Disposal

Drywall is found in most modern construction. Due to environmental and safety concerns it can be difficult to dispose of. We will haul it away to be safely recycled at New West Gypsum.

We Haul Drywall When:
  • It has a date stamp on it (Found on the back of the gypsum board, identifiable by a date and time stamp. 3/6/12 15:10 for example)

  • It does not have a date stamp but has been tested and is Negative for asbestos

We strive to keep costs low and make things easy for you. Drywall recycling is a separate recycling drop.The more you send, the cheaper it gets per kg.

The Haul for Drywall:

Per kilogram:

Up to 500 kg:             $0.59/kg|0.27/lb 

500kg to 2 tonne:     $0.53/kg|0.24/lb

2+ tonnes:                  $0.37/kg|0.17/lb

Volume-wise, it typically looks like this:

Dozen Garbage Bags:                      $150
Quarter-truck:                                   $300
Half-truck:                                          $400
3/4 Truck:                                           $500
Full truck:                                           $600

The Disposal: 

We take our Drywall hauls to be recycled in a special facility that handles drywall. The dump fee is determined by these yards and is  $125 (if date stamped) or $175 (if tested) per tonne.


Your Cost:
Haul Fee + Dump Fee = Your Total Cost

20 contractor bags (about 600 kg) of drywall: $318 + $75 =  $393






Determine if there is a date stamp
If not, get it tested and provide the negative results. Or ask us to pick up a sample for testing.
Contact us!                                                  
Confirm Time & Date of Pick up
Wait for haul to disappear!!!
If you have done your own testing  please make sure you get it to us directly or  Email a copy to us.

Cost to Haul

Book a Haul

Additional Hauling Fees

We don't believe in hidden fees as such we keep additional fees to a minimum. Some of these fees are out of our hands as they are determined by other factors such as the disposal yards. As such we have additional fees for the following:

  • Sorting - if drywall is heavily mixed with other things such as wood or other construction material. Typically $46-$92
  • Testing - If we are required to pick up a sample and test the drywall on your behalf. Time cost - typically $46.
  • Traveling outside of Metro Vancouver - Abbotsford, Whistler, Chilliwack. Typically $50 - $100.

Date Stamp

Date Stamps can be found on the back, the paper side of the drywall. If there isn't one you will need to have it tested.